Patty Crawford, PhD

As of July 31, 2019, Patricia Crawford is no longer employed at Marietta City Middle School and will not be teaching there in the fall. If anyone knows if Crawford is teaching anywhere else, please let us know.

As of July 2019, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) active investigation of Patricia Crawford’s license to teach is ongoing. The Cobb County District Attorney recently transferred Crawford’s criminal case to the Cherokee circuit court, handled by the Bartow County DA out of Cartersville, GA. The reason for the transfer is apparently an individual in the Cobb DA office is an identified victim of Crawford. GaPSC is coordinating with the Bartow County DA. The case is new for that office, and although a prosecutor has been assigned, it may take 6 months to a year before a grand jury indictment is handed down and her criminal case goes to trial. Meanwhile, Crawford continues to teach and be near children. Victims of Crawford can reach out to the Victim Advocate at the Bartow County DA’s office, the GaPSC or Marietta City Schools HR directly and consider filing a formal complaint or applying for victim compensation.

In early April 2019, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) opened an active investigation of Patricia Crawford’s license to teach school children in Georgia. They will complete their investigation in 30 days or possibly longer and determine if Crawford’s license will be suspended or revoked due to unethical conduct. Marietta City Middle School has been informed and can take separate, direct action against Crawford, including preventing her from teaching or being near children.


Dr. Patricia M Crawford lives in Kennesaw, GA and is currently a teacher at Marietta Middle School in Cobb County. Aka Patty Crawford, she was formerly a teacher with Cobb County schools.

Crawford holds a PhD in Special Education from the University of Virginia but has never been certified as a licensed therapist or psychologist in Georgia or any other state. She has no professional training nor qualifications to diagnose or treat children – by law, any individual doing so without a license is engaging in willfully negligent, wrongful, and reckless criminal acts.

Crawford’s teacher certification in the State of Georgia (GaPSC No. 364489) ethically forbids her from posing as a psychologist and engaging in therapy or diagnosis of children, or billing for such services. Multiple substantiated allegations swear that Crawford engaged in these deceptive practices many times over more than the past decade, repeatedly endangering vulnerable special needs children and their families.

Just to make a fast buck.

But events and her sundry dubious deeds may be at last catching up with Patty Crawford. On Jan 29, 2019, a snow day in Cobb County, authorities arrested Ms. Crawford on charges including felony insurance fraud and identity theft.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Unit News Release, Feb 01, 2019:

Cobb County Sheriff Crawford Booking Report, Jan 29, 2019, date of Crawford’s arrest:

Crawford was arraigned on Jan 31, 2019 before Cobb Magistrate Court Judge Quinn M Kasper and is awaiting indictment by a Grand Jury and trial in Cobb Superior Court:

From the Georgia Insurance Fraud Unit news release:
Patricia Marie Crawford, 53, of Kennesaw, GA – Arrested on 01/29 in Cobb County

-2 Counts of Insurance Fraud
-1 Count of Identity Fraud
-1 Count of Theft by Deception
-1 Count of Forgery
-1 Count of Financial Transaction Card Fraud
-1 Count of Making False Statements in a Matter within the Jurisdiction of the State

Detail: Crawford is accused of acting as a licensed psychologist conducting business out of an office building and her home in Kennesaw. She turned herself in to Cobb Co. Jail on 1/29.

*** warning:

In 2016 and 2017, Crawford fraudulently marketed herself as a clinical/counseling psychologist on the GA Psychological Association website, since taken down after multiple complaints:

Atlanta Child Therapy Facebook reviews after Crawford was forced to close ACT in Dec 2016 include several publicly angry parents with legitimate concerns:

But Crawford continues to operate Atlanta Child Therapy from her home:

And again, Crawford is documented to have operated ACT out of her home and posed as a psychologist as recently as Nov 2018 – the same location where she lives with her husband Jeff Crawford, Principal of Audrey Middle School, Cobb County Schools:

Crawford claimed ACT is a licensed non-profit as recently as Nov 2018 – but ACT was administratively dissolved by the GA Secretary of State in Aug 2017 after she failed to file appropriate paperwork – and in fact ACT no longer exists as a GA non-profit corporation:


Going back more than 10 years, in Dec 2008, Crawford tried unsuccessfully to sue Kennesaw State University (KSU) after she was fired earlier that same year:

Crawford’s failed KSU lawsuit admits to her 2008 termination:

Crawford was next hired in Aug 2008 by Cobb County Schools as a special education teacher at Kennesaw Elementary, but she faced a number of disciplinary problems including accusations of incompetency, willful neglect of duties and falsification of her employment application regarding her KSU termination. Crawford was dismissed after several administrative hearings and ultimately had to be forcibly escorted from the Kennesaw Elementary school premises in Oct 2011. Here is one of the disciplinary decisions that led to her removal:

And the letter Crawford allegedly sent her attorney regarding settlement terms she wanted negotiated for her dismissal. Final terms of the Cobb / Crawford settlement agreement are not pubic, but apparently Cobb did not notify GaPSC of issues they had with Crawford:

Perhaps not surprisingly, in 2017, Crawford was hired a second time by Cobb County Schools to work at the Chalker Elementary Haven satellite campus. Yes, you read that right – she was somehow mysteriously rehired after being terminated the first time.

There have been multiple allegations then and since that Crawford repeatedly (1) falsified student records, (2) improperly restrained students, (3) diagnosed special needs children although unqualified to do so, (4) lied to parents and administrators, and (5) falsely reported parents to DFCS as retribution after they complained about her to school administrators. When Caulker Haven closed last year, Crawford’s contract was not renewed by Cobb County Schools:

Incredibly, Crawford now works with special needs children at Marietta City Middle School since Jun 2018 – see page 2 of their faculty directory:

A recent Google search for Patricia Crawford:

Penalty for Insurance Fraud in Georgia:

Penalty for Identify Theft in Georgia:

Patty Crawford is an accused grifter and serial predator who appears for all the world to have a long and shameful history of repeatedly harming vulnerable special needs children and their families. She is facing potentially serious prison time (and substantial fines and victim restitution) for her actions. By any reasonable standard, she is not a good person.

As Patty Crawford has been accused by authorities of materially harming special needs children and their families by acting as a fake therapist, engaging in insurance fraud and many other crimes – has she done the same to you or your child? Has she ripped you off or engaged in fraudulent credit card or insurance billing for which you were the victim? Has she defamed or endangered your family? Lied about your child or otherwise tried to smear you? Has she tried to intimidate you directly or through her attorneys or the school system? Has she threatened to sue you? Did Cobb schools fail to notify you about Patty and so potentially endangered your child and family? Did she call DFCS on you in retaliation after you complained about her to the school? Are you one of many contractors and therapists to whom Patty owes money? Does Crawford owe you possible restitution as a victim of fraud or negligent misrepresentation? Do you suspect possible long-term damage to your child directly or indirectly resulting from Crawford’s actions? – know that you have rights under GA law as one of many survivors of this sordid mess.

We are victims of Patty Crawford.
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